Once upon a time there was a little boy who celebrated every occasion with all of his family members. He still recalls his happy steps leading him to a table full of all the dishes in the world!  Their tastes and smells were so different, but they were all as familiar as his Anatolian ancestors. Recipes from Anatolia and Poli (greek name for Istanbul), Greek, Armenian or Turkish, all of them sprung from the depths of time and blended, uniquely engaging cultures and making them keep their own identity.

The child knew it…

And he grew up. And he wanted to make others travel to East and West with just two bites from dishes on the same table. He wanted to convey this experience of warmth and intimacy, combined with the unfamiliar. And this mix may surprise you but ultimately seems to be so yours… 

So, he created Misafir at one of the most cosmopolitan places and he is now able to welcome his guests as if they were his own family. Because, food has the power to take you to faraway lands with just one bite and it has the power to remind you of home too…

Misafir is situated in Monastiraki, inspired by oriental aesthetics, ready to welcome and unite a whole world through flavors… Misafir is the “guest” but also the “traveler”. Being a host, you warmly welcome your guests as if they were travelers. So in this place, we welcome all our visitors and do everything so that they leave us with a smile and continue their own journey!

In our 3-storey building, you can choose amongst many cuisines, drink your favorite coffee or cocktail, enjoy our spaces or admire the breathtaking view of Acropolis in our unique roof garden. You can also enjoy hookahs or watch a variety of shows and sport events on our Full HD screens inside the store. The sure thing is that you will be pleased whatever mood you are for!

We always keep traditional taste in all our dishes, we choose high quality products and have a rich variety of delicious options that satisfy all tastes. Everything in our menu is handmade and  prepared at the time of your order in our open kitchen.

Everyone can visit us: We provide facilities for disabled people, a specially designed place for new mothers equipped with everything they need. Our welcoming staff is able to communicate in 12 different languages, making everyone feel like home.  Because here “We welcome you as a traveler, we treat you like family!”


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